774Organization, Powers, Duties and General Provisions (See Chapters 801, 801a, 801b, 802)
775Probate Hearings, Notices (See Chapter 801b, Part II)
776Probate Bonds (See Chapter 801b, Part III)
777Guardian and Ward (See Chapter 802h, Parts I, II, III)
778aAdoption Review Board (See Chapter 803, Part V)
778bChildren Conceived Through Artificial Insemination (See Chapter 803a)
778cDurable Power of Attorney (See Chapter 802e)
779Conservators (See Chapter 802h, Part IV)
779aGuardians of Mentally Retarded Persons (Repealed)
779bSterilization (See Chapter 802h, Part VII)
780Trusts (See Chapter 802c, Parts I, II, III)
780aPowers in Trust Instruments Act (Conditionally Repealed) (See Chapter 802c, Part V)
780bFiduciary Powers Act (See Chapter 802, Part III)
780cUniform Management of Institutional Funds Act (See Chapter 802c, Part IV)
780dDeposit of Securities in Clearing Corporation (See Chapter 802, Part I)
781Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (See Chapter 802d)
782Apportionments Among Tenants and Remaindermen (Repealed)
783Powers of Appointment (See Chapter 802f)
784Insolvent Debtors (Repealed)
785Wills (See Chapter 802, Part I; Chapter 802a, Parts I, II; Chapter 802b, Parts II, V, IX, X)
785aInternational Wills (See Chapter 860)
786Estate Administration (See Chapter 802, Part I; Chapter 802b, Parts III, IV, VI, IX)
787Estate Inventories (See Chapter 802b, Part VI)
787aClaims Against Decedents' Estates (See Chapter 802b, Part VIII)
788Claims Against Solvent Estates (See Chapter 802b, Parts I, VIII)
789Claims Against Insolvent Estates (See Chapter 802b, Part VIII)
790Insolvent Estates (See Chapter 802b, Part VIII)
790aClaims Against Solvent and Insolvent Estates
791Estate Claims, Compounding and Arbitration (See Chapter 802b, Part IV)
792Sale, Mortgage or Partition of Estates (See Chapter 801b, Part V; Chapter 802b, Parts VI, X)
793Estate Administration Generally (See Chapter 802, Parts I, IV; Chapter 801b, Part II; Chapter 802b, Parts I, II, IV, V, IX)
794Estate Accounts (See Chapter 801b, Parts IV, VI)
795Estate Distribution (See Chapter 802b, Part IX)
796Probate Appeals (See Chapter 801b, Part VII)
797Escheats (See Chapter 802b, Part X)
797aConnecticut Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act (See Chapter 802b, Part XI)
798Disclaimer of Estate Property (See Chapter 802g)
799Guardianship of Mentally Retarded Persons (See Chapter 802h, Part V)
800Allocations Between Principal and Income (See Chapter 802, Part II)

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