333Department of Health Services (See Chapter 368a)
334Public Health Nursing (See Chapter 368b)
334aCommission on Hospitals and Health Care (See Chapter 368c)
334bEmergency Medical Services (See Chapter 368d)
335Municipal Health Authorities (See Chapter 368e)
336District Departments of Health (See Chapter 368f)
337Lung Disease, Tuberculosis and Other Chronic Illness (See Chapter 368g)
337aKidney Disease (See Chapter 368h)
338Anatomical Donations (See Chapter 368i)
339Cemeteries (See Chapter 368j)
340Crematories (See Chapter 368k)
340dCarcinogenic Substances (See Chapter 368l)
341Department of Consumer Protection. General Provisions. Pure Food and Drugs (See Chapter 416)
342Uniform Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (See Chapter 418)
343Retail Drug Control Act (See Chapter 419)
344Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act (Repealed) (See Chapter 420b)
345Nonalcoholic Beverages
346Bakeries (See Chapter 419b)
347Illuminating Oils and Burning Fluids (See Chapter 419c)
349Nuisances (See Chapter 368m)
350Houses of Assignation (See Chapter 368n)
350bSolicitation of Charitable Funds Act (See Chapter 419d)
351Boxing and Wrestling (See Chapter 419e)
351aHealth Clubs (See Chapter 420)
352Tenement and Lodging Houses
353Public and Other Buildings (See Chapter 541)
354Department of Public Safety: State Building Code (See Chapter 541, Part Ia)
354aState Demolition Code (See Chapter 541, Part IV)
355Atomic Energy (See Chapter 298a)
356Department of Public Safety: Elevators and Escalators (See Chapter 538)
356aDepartment of Public Safety: Passenger Tramways (See Chapter 538a)
357Manufacture of Bedding and Upholstered Furniture. Secondhand Hats (See Chapter 420a)
358Department of Public Safety: Steam Boilers (See Chapter 540)
359Dependency-Producing Drugs
359aControlled Substance Registration (See Chapter 420c)
360Air Pollution Control (See Chapter 446c)
361Mid-Atlantic States Air Pollution Control Compact (See Chapter 446b)
361aSolid Waste Management (See Chapter 446d)
361bSolid Waste Management Services Act (See Chapter 446e)
362Medicolegal Investigations (See Chapter 368q)
363Youth Camps (See Chapter 368r)
364Mass Gatherings (See Chapter 368s)
365State Child Protection Act (See Chapter 420d)
365aCouncil on Mental Retardation. General Provisions (See Chapter 368t)
366Department of Mental Retardation (See Chapter 368u)
367Health Care Institutions (See Chapter 368v)

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