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Office of Legislative Research

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Office of Legislative Research
Products and Services

OLR is here to help you get the information you need. The following describes our products and services and how they can help you. To find out more, call our office at (860) 240-8400, talk to our staff, or visit us in Room 5300.



Can Help You

OLR Reports

Concise, readable research reports on topics that you request

Answer questions ... Understand issues ... Develop legislation ... Debate bills ... Conduct legislative oversight


Concise email response that answers questions on any topic

Get quick, focused information on any topic or pending legislation. . . Answer constituents' questions

Bill Analyses (BAs)

Plain language summaries of all bills reported to the House or Senate, except Appropriations bills, which are summarized by the Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA)

Understand bills and the changes they undergo during the session ... Prepare for debate and discussions with colleagues and lobbyists

Combined Fiscal Note/Bill Analysis FN/BA

Produced in collaboration with the Office of Fiscal Analysis, FN/BAs provide plain language summaries and fiscal impacts for each section of selected multipart bills

Break down large omnibus bills ... Receive all relevant information on each bill section in a single document


Detailed research report on a topic of general interest

Understand the complexities of a major issue the legislature is likely to address

Major Issues Report

Summaries of major issues that may arise in the upcoming session

Identify upcoming issues of particular interest ... Prepare for what lies ahead

Public Act Summaries

Plain language summaries of each new law.

Published annually in book form and online at CGA Lites bill status page

Keep track of what passed during the session ... Inform constituents ... Prepare for public appearances

Major Public Acts Report

A short summary of the session's most important legislation issued within a week of adjournment

Write newsletters and prepare for media interviews and public appearances

Acts Affecting...Reports

Easy-to-read summaries of new laws that affect education, the environment, children, seniors, and others

Write newsletters and prepare for media interviews and public appearances

Bill Tracking Report

List of bills whose provisions were incorporated and enacted as part of another bill. Published annually after each regular and special session, as appropriate

Find out whether a provision from bill that died passed as part of another bill

Selected Reports

Emailed list of OLR reports of general interest issued monthly, with links to each report

Get information on topics that are timely ... Find out what your colleagues are interested in

Veto Package

A packet of vetoed bills, OLR BAs and OFA fiscal notes, and the governor's veto messages that's sent to you just before a veto session

Understand what each vetoed bill does and why the governor rejected it

Rules and Precedents Handbook

A biennial compilation of parliamentary rulings by the legislature's presiding officers

Understand the rules governing floor debate

Service Description Can Help You

Compile and Send Materials

OLR Staff and the Legislative Librarians will cull our files for OLR reports, journal and newspaper articles, and government and other reports on any topic

Identify and learn more about issues ... Prepare for meetings, floor debate, and public appearances

Screen Bills and Amendments

OLR analysts and LCO attorneys meet with committee leaders to discuss a bill's language and effect, provide background, and identify potential problems and options

Become familiar with the substance and background of the committee's bills

Brief Members, Committees, and Staff

Presentations on issues and bills to individual members, committees, caucuses, and staff

Become familiar with the substance and background of issues and bills

Prepare Questions

OLR analysts can prepare questions for all types of committee hearings and meetings

Raise issues and get the information you want at public, confirmation, or oversight hearings

Accompany You to Meetings

OLR staff can go with you to meetings with other legislators, agency staff, and others at the LOB or elsewhere

Understand the background to issues ... Answer questions ... Develop options as you work on bills and resolve problems

OLR Websites

Internet (

and intranet sites (http://cgalites/olr/)

Stay up-to-date on issues with the latest OLR reports ... Search older OLR reports by subject ... Understand changes to amended bills by reading on-line special analyses

Legislative Library

Professional staff provide reference services for members and staff, using the library's books, journals, OLR and other reports, and computer-based databases

Learn about issues ... Research legislative histories ... Answer constituents' questions

Staff a Task Force

Help task forces identify goals, develop work plans, and frame issues; provide research; and write task force reports

Organize a task force ... Work with members ... Focus on the issues and task force progress

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Office of Legislative Research

Legislative Office Building, Suite 5300
Phone: 860-240-8400    FAX: 860-240-8881

      The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research helps the General Assembly make policy and serve the public by providing it with accurate, timely, and objective research, policy analysis, and assistance in the development of legislation.

Statement on Nonpartisanship