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Office of Legislative Research

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Office of Legislative Research
2012 Biennial Issues Conference

Connecticut's Changing Demographics, Jobs, and Job Training: Will Tomorrow's Workers Be Ready for Tomorrow's Jobs?

  The Middle-Skills Gap: Ensuring an Adequate Supply of Skilled Labor in Northern and Southern New England, New England Public Policy Center at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

What Happened Last Session, What's on the Agenda this Session?

  State-Local Revenues Scenario
  2012 Issue Briefs


  Magnet School Scenario

State-Local Revenues

  Local Option Taxes, National Conference on State Legislatures

Land Use

  Land Use Scenario
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Office of Legislative Research

Legislative Office Building, Suite 5300
Phone: 860-240-8400    FAX: 860-240-8881

      The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research helps the General Assembly make policy and serve the public by providing it with accurate, timely, and objective research, policy analysis, and assistance in the development of legislation.

Statement on Nonpartisanship