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2005 Legislative Guide



The address for all staff offices at the Legislative Office Building/Capitol is:

(Office Name)
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

Room 5100, LOB

The Joint Committee on Legislative Management is the administrative arm of the General Assembly.  All appropriations for the legislative branch of government are under the jurisdiction of this committee and are administered by its nonpartisan staff.

The president pro tempore of the Senate and the speaker of the House serve as co-chairs of the committee.  The remaining members include Senate and House majority and minority leaders, deputy and assistant leaders, and other members appointed by the four caucus leaders pursuant to the joint rules of the House and Senate.

The Office of Legislative Management provides administrative and operational support for the Connecticut General Assembly.  The office, while implementing the policies of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management, provides administrative and financial services, administers compensation and human resources services, coordinates training and staff development services, and oversees the management and maintenance of all buildings and grounds under the supervision and control of the Legislature.  The Office of Legislative Management ensures the daily functioning of the Legislature for the benefit of the legislators, their staff, and the general public.


D’Ann Mazzocca, Executive Director
Dana Crompton, Financial Administrator
Jim Tracy, Personnel Administrator
Eric Connery, Facilities Administrator

Frances Antinerella, Senior Administrative Assistant
Melissa Bartolomeo, Principal ITS Analyst
Lou Carlisle, Facilities Coordinator
Karol Oakes Cassidy, Payroll Specialist
Carol Driscoll, Senior Legislative Secretary
Sandra Forté, Senior Executive Assistant
Lori Grayson, Senior Administrative Assistant
Melissa Iaconetti, Senior Administrative Assistant
Mary Kula, Senior Legislative Secretary
Barbara Matthews, Payroll Specialist
Kathleen Nielsen, Legislative Secretary
Sue Peplau, Business Officer
Kyle Rhude, Legislative Analyst II
Karen Richardson, Services Officer
Eileen Lee Roif, Staff Assistant
Fran Scricca, Payroll Specialist
Jim Tamburro, Training and Staff Development Coordinator
Christina Taylor, Personnel Specialist
Linda Voghel, Staff Assistant
Andrea Walker, Associate Legislative Analyst
Lisa Zaugg, Personnel Specialist

Service Center

Debra Maselek, Administrative Services Coordinator
Diane Bouchard, Senior Office Technician
Maria Geraci, Senior Office Technician



860-240-0000 Help Desk
Room 014, Capitol

The Office of Information Technology Services provides the Connecticut General Assembly with high-quality, cost-effective information systems and technology services to support all aspects of the legislative process.  It is responsible for the selection, management and support of information technology hardware, software and applications.  The Office is organized by the following functional areas.

ITS Help Desk

The ITS Help Desk is chartered with providing a single point of contact for computer services at the Connecticut General Assembly.  The Help Desk provides assistance for customers experiencing problems with any aspect of the CGA computer network.  During the Legislative Session, the Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM or until the Chambers adjourn.  During the Interim, the Help Desk hours are 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.


This group selects, implements, and maintains the equipment that runs the CGA computer network.  This group is also responsible for the deployment of laptop and desktop systems throughout the General Assembly.

Applications Development

This area develops and supports all applications used in the Connecticut General Assembly, including the Connecticut General Assembly Legislative Information Technology Enterprise Services (CGALITES) Intranet and Internet.

Information Technology Training

The ITS Training Room is located on the west side of the Capitol basement.  The training room is equipped with eight desktop computers, five notebook computers, and a variety of multimedia components.  More than 100 courses per year are offered on a wide range of information technology subjects.

IT Architecture

This research and development group sets its sights on the future of information technology in the Legislature.  This area facilitates the integration of all of the other ITS groups in order to maximize productivity and innovations in current and future projects.


Ronald A. Bianca, Director

ITS Help Desk

Daniel Gonzalez, Assistant Analyst
Donna Pulsifer, Analyst


Timothy Putnam, Manager
Robert Caroti, Analyst
Barbara Clifford, Principal Analyst
Becky Fede, Principal Analyst
Donna Galvin, Senior Analyst

Applications Development

Paul Alderucci, Project Manager, HCO, SCO and Internet Development
Susan Marsh, Project Manager, LCO, OFA, OLM, OLR and PRI
Cheryl Smith, Project Manager, Committees and Caucuses
Dan Jalbert, Chief Analyst
Jackie Allo, Senior Analyst
David Beckman, Senior Analyst
Rino Feole, Senior Analyst
Alfred Grabka, Senior Analyst 
Tatyana Ganzman, Senior Analyst
James Gorborino, Analyst
Steven Johnson, Analyst
Eric McKeone, Analyst
Ryan Pennant, Analyst

Information Technology Training

Paula Hammon, Manager

IT Architecture

Roger Schyns, Chief Analyst
Dave Listro, Senior Analyst



Room 1300, LOB

The Office of State Capitol Police supports the State Legislature by creating a safe and secure environment in which to conduct the business of the Legislature.

It also supervises the Legislative Office Building Parking Garage and parking areas on the Capitol grounds.

All Connecticut State Capitol Police officers maintain their police officer certification through the Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council and have jurisdiction throughout the State of Connecticut.  Officers receive additional training as Medical Response Technicians and in other areas specifically tailored to the unique law enforcement issues faced by the State Capitol Police.

Chief of Police

William Morgan

Administrative Assistant

Sophie King


John Devine


Glenn Kolat
Walter Lee
Paul Longo

State Capitol Police Senior Officers

Robert Arsenault
Robert Bates
Mark Baldwin
John Fabale
Laura Fago
Robert Holmgren
Matt Kacerguis
Timothy Kasek
Michael Kopinja
Richard Kowaleski
Kevin Long
Peter Marrero
Dennis O'Connell
Richard Segreto
Paul Warren

State Capitol Police Officers

Timothy Boyle
Anthony Lombardi
Gregory Miller
Armando Segovia



Senate:  State Capitol, Room 305

House: State Capitol, Room 109

The Clerk of the Senate and Clerk of the House of Representatives are officers of the General Assembly and are elected on Opening Day of the odd-year Regular Session for a two-year term.  The Assistant Clerk in both houses are also appointed on Opening Day for a two-year term.

The Clerks' Offices are charged with the publication of the Journals, Calendars, Bulletins, Bill Indices, and other documents of the General Assembly.  The Connecticut General Statutes provide that each house shall have a full-time Permanent Assistant Clerk.  The Permanent Assistant Clerk is responsible for the daily operation of the Clerk’s Office.  In addition to the Permanent Assistant Clerk, the staff in the Clerks’ Offices includes a Journal Clerk, Calendar Clerk, Bill Clerk and an Office Assistant.  During sessions, additional personnel are added as necessary.

A bill or resolution is not officially filed until it is presented in proper form to the Clerk in the introducer's Chamber and signed by the introducer.  The needs of the Members of the General Assembly are tended to with respect to bill/resolution filing, indexing, proofreading and storing of the record of all legislation introduced in the Senate or House of Representatives.  Five permanent staff personnel in each of the Clerk’s Offices serve the legislative requests of the 36 Members of the Senate and the 151 Members of the House of Representatives on a range of legislative matters.  Member services also include preparation of citations, co-sponsorship of legislation as well as answering questions on the legislative process in each of the respective Chambers.

The Journals, which are published in accordance with the Constitution and the Rules, contain all of the legislative actions taken on each session day including the text of all amendments acted upon.  The roll call vote on each action in the Senate or House of Representatives appears in that Chamber's Journal immediately following the description of actions on the bill or amendment.  The Calendar is a daily compilation of bills and resolutions awaiting action in the Senate or House of Representatives.  The Rules require that the Journal and Calendar must be on the desks of all members each day.

During regular sessions, the Clerks' Offices are responsible for the operation of the Information and Bulletin rooms.  The Clerks’ Offices oversee the publication of the Legislative Bulletin. The Bulletin illustrates the schedule for legislative sessions, public hearings, committee meetings and other events containing notes of interest to legislators, staff and interested members of the public.  The Bulletin is published daily when the General Assembly is in session.

During the interim, legislative information is provided by the Clerks’ Offices.


Senate Clerk's Office

Thomas P. Sheridan, Clerk
Benny Auger, Assistant Clerk
Timothy B. Kehoe, Permanent Assistant Clerk 
Renee J. Simmons, Journal Clerk
Michael Shonta, Calendar Clerk
Frank A. Forzano, Bill Clerk
Alice Ann Joseph, Office Assistant
Rev. James J. Nock, Chaplain
Rev. Dr. Barbara Headley,
Deputy Chaplain
Rabbi Philip Lazowski, Deputy Chaplain

House Clerk's Office

Garey E. Coleman, Clerk
Nicholas C. Varunes, Esq., Assistant Clerk
Ann M. Clark, Permanent Assistant Clerk
Ann-Louise DeSorbo, Journal Clerk
John N. Barry, Bill Clerk
Anita DeLorenzo, Calendar Clerk
Elizabeth A. Carbone, Office Assistant
Reverend Michael S. Galasso
, Chaplain


860-240-8414 (Fax)
Suite 5500, LOB

The Legislative Commissioners' Office ("LCO") serves as the legal counsel to the members and committees of the General Assembly.  The attorneys and support staff of the office are responsible for drafting the legislation considered by the General Assembly and for assuring that it is clear, concise and constitutionally sound.  The office publishes a variety of legislative documents and carries out other duties assigned by law to the Legislative Commissioners.

The staff, in serving the members and committees of the State Legislature:

  • Drafts bills, file copies and amendments, and performs related legal research;

  • Reviews all bills and resolutions favorably reported by legislative committees for statutory consistency, clarity, and constitutionality prior to final action by the General Assembly;

  • Prepares and prints file copies of each bill favorably reported by legislative committees;

  • Prepares and certifies the accuracy of the final version of each bill (the engrossed bill) before it is signed by the Governor;

  • Provides other legal services to the General Assembly including advice on statutes that govern the General Assembly, advice on legislative rules, issuing confidential opinions of law to members or committees of the General Assembly, construing contracts; and

  • Publishes public acts and special acts of each session, codifies the public acts, revises the Connecticut General Statutes, prepares legislative histories and annotations of Connecticut court cases. and biennially publishes the revised General Statutes.

Each LCO attorney is assigned to one or more legislative committees and has expertise in the committee’s areas of cognizance.  In addition to drafting bills and amendments, the attorneys advise the committees on applicable state and federal statutes and regulations, case law affecting the committees' jurisdiction, and rules of procedure.  All attorneys in the Legislative Commissioners’ Office are admitted to practice law in Connecticut.

The Legislative Commissioners’ Office is under the supervision of two commissioners, one a Democrat and one a Republican, who are appointed by the General Assembly for staggered four-year terms.  A nonpartisan Director manages the day-to-day operations of the office.  All full-time staff of the Legislative Commissioners’ Office are nonpartisan.


Max Case, Republican
Robert G. Gilligan, Democrat

Director, Marcia B. Goodman
Assistant Director, Sharon L. Brais
Senior Supervisor, Kathleen H. Wright

Legislative Attorneys
Committee Assignments

Committee: Attorney
Aging, Select Committee on  William F. O’Shea
Appropriations Sally M. Martin
Banks Karen Tichy
Children, Select Committee on Richard Hanratty
Commerce Larry G. J. Shapiro
Education  Angela R. Rehm
Energy and Technology David D. Biklen
Environment Kristin Gadarowski Cianflone and
Richard Hanratty
Executive and Legislative Nominations Sally M. Martin
Finance, Revenue and Bonding         Anne Brennan Carroll
General Law Bradford M. Towson
Government Administration  and Elections Larry G. J. Shapiro and
Bradford M. Towson
Higher Education and Employment Advancement Angela R. Rehm
Housing, Select Committee on  Sharon L. Brais
Human Services William F. O’Shea
Insurance & Real Estate Louise M. Nadeau
Judiciary Arthur S. Donovan,
Louise Nadeau and
Richard D. Taf
Labor and Public Employees Jo Roberts
Legislative Management  Marcia B. Goodman
Planning and Development Catherine R. Bernstein
Program Review and Investigations (Contact: Marcia B. Goodman)
Public Health  Joyce Williams Jones and
Jo Roberts
Public Safety Karen Tichy
Regulation Review Marcia B. Goodman,
Joyce Williams Jones,
Sally M. Martin,
Louise M. Nadeau, and
Larry G. J. Shapiro
Transportation David D. Biklen
Veterans' Affairs, Select Committee on Marcia B. Goodman

Support Staff

Supervising Editor, Sally Ricci

Patricia Centini
Miriam Colon
Barbara L. Donagher
Grace Durkin
Evelyn Huertas
Mary Ellen McGuire
Cynthia Papallo-Slepski
Vickey Terrell
Jill Upton

Legislative Documents

Supervisor, Marilyn Scola
Staff Assistant, Maria del Pilar Noble

Statute Revision

Supervisor, Anthony A. J. Trouern-Trend
Assistant Supervisor, Arthur S. Donovan
Code Revision Specialist, Laura Grant
Staff Assistant, Janet Muisener


Room 5300, LOB

The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research (OLR) helps the General Assembly make policy and serve the public by providing accurate, timely, and objective research, policy analysis, and assistance in the development of legislation.  Our major services to members of the General Assembly are committee staffing, research, and legislative analyses.  OLR also maintains Intra- and Internet web pages.

Committee Staffing

OLR assigns one or more researchers to assist each standing and select committee except Appropriations.  Researchers help to develop legislation, screen bills, brief legislators on issues, answer questions, and otherwise assist committees in their work.  During the interim between sessions, OLR also works with special committees and task forces to develop recommendations and write reports.


OLR provides research for, and answers questions from, individual legislators and legislative staff.  We prepare over 900 written reports a year for legislators, in addition to answering questions orally and by e-mail and making oral presentations.

Legislators and staff can access all OLR reports through OLR's Intranet web page (http://cgalites/olr) or the General Assembly's Intranet home page.  Copies are also available from the Legislative Library.

Legislative Analysis

Bill Analyses.  A key part of OLR's charge is to write plain-language analyses of all nonappropriations bills that reach the floor of the General Assembly.  Each analysis contains a summary of the bill's legal effect; a further explanation for those who want more details; and, where appropriate, background information on relevant court decisions, agency practices, and related legislation.  We also highlight any technical problems with the bill draft.  And we summarize each adopted amendment.  Bill analyses are printed on the bill files.

Public Act Summaries.  After the session, OLR publishes a book summarizing each of the public acts the General Assembly passed.  In addition, within a week of adjournment, we issue short summaries of the session's major public acts.  And, between publication of the Major Public Acts and the Summary of Public Acts, we also issue the Acts Affecting ... reports.  These are brief, informal abstracts of new laws that affect specific groups or topics, such as children, seniors, municipalities, and education.

Electronic OLR

Websites.  OLR maintains both Internet ( and Intranet (http://cgalites/olr) websites.  These sites, which are continually updated, contain a searchable database of all OLR reports, recently published reports, bill analyses and public act summaries, and other information and services from OLR.


Director, Mary M. Janicki
Senior Administrative Services Coordinator and Webmaster, Tracey Otero

Committee Assignments

Aging, Select Committee on Helga Niesz and Robin Cohen
Banks Soncia Coleman and Helga Niesz
Children, Select Committee on Susan Price
Commerce John Rappa and Judith Lohman
Education Judith Lohman and Soncia Coleman
Energy & Technology Kevin McCarthy and John Kasprak
Environment Paul Frisman and Joseph Holstead
Executive & Legislative Nominations  Daniel Duffy
Finance, Revenue and Bonding Judith Lohman, John Rappa, and Kevin McCarthy
General Law Daniel Duffy and Paul Frisman
Government Administration & Elections Sandra Norman-Eady and Kristin Sullivan
Higher Education & Employment Advancement Saul Spigel
Housing, Select Committee on Joseph Holstead and John Moran
Human Services Robin Cohen and Helga Niesz
Insurance Janet Kaminski and George Coppolo
Judiciary George Coppolo, Sandra Norman-Eady, Christopher Reinhart, and Susan Price
Labor & Public Employees John Moran and Christopher Reinhart
Legislative Management Mary Janicki
Planning & Development Kevin McCarthy and John Rappa
Public Health John Kasprak and Saul Spigel
Public Safety Veronica Rose and James Fazzalaro
Regulation Review Mary Janicki
Transportation James Fazzalaro and Janet Kaminski
Veterans’ Affairs, Select Committee on Veronica Rose and James Fazzalaro


Support Staff

Ryan O’Neil
Nancy Ojakian
Tangy Stroman
Dawn Wetherbee


Room 5400, LOB

The Legislative Library provides professional, nonpartisan assistance to General Assembly members and staff by identifying, acquiring and disseminating information resources which support the legislative process, by developing and maintaining relevant bibliographic tools, and by educating its users in the research process.  Its Intranet home page (http://cgalites/lib) provides remote access to materials within its collection and to outside resources.  The Library also offers limited assistance to government agencies, other libraries, and members of the public.

The collection includes current and historical Connecticut legislative materials; statutes of the six New England states, New York and New Jersey; federal laws and regulations; case law from all Connecticut courts and the United States Supreme Court; books and periodicals covering numerous subject areas; legislative task force reports; directories and reference tools.  On-line access and training in legal and global databases is available in consultation with library staff.  One of the Library's most valuable resources is its collection of research reports written by Office of Legislative Research analysts.  The library staff indexes these reports for computer retrieval and for hard copy access in the library’s subject files.

The Legislative Library is open 8:30 - 5:00 with extended hours when either House or Senate is in session.


Legislative Librarian, Susan Southworth
Assistant Librarian, Jennifer Bernier
Assistant Librarian, Carrie Rose
Library Assistant, Elizabeth Covey


Fax 860-240-0052
Room 5200, LOB

The Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) provides the General Assembly with independent, accurate, and timely fiscal information to assist members in making budgetary decisions and to inform members of the fiscal impact of legislation under consideration.

OFA acts as the fiscal support staff to the committees on Finance, Revenue and Bonding and Appropriations.  The staff reviews and does analyses of the Governor’s recommended budget, including revenues, appropriations, bond authorizations and various federal aid programs available to Connecticut.

In addition to analyzing the budget, OFA also assists the two committees in analyzing the fiscal impact of all individual money bills which may be referred to them.  OFA prepares fiscal notes or fiscal impact statements that are appended to the file copy of all favorably reported bills; fiscal notes are also prepared on amendments.

The office provides information to individual legislators in areas concerning taxes, expenditures and other budgetary matters.  A detailed report on the adopted State budget is prepared at the end of each session.

During the interim, OFA assists in legislative overview of State operations to assure that legislative intent is carried out during execution of the budget by the various agencies.  This activity includes monitoring agency programs and expenditures and conducting in-depth analyses of selected programs.  Also, State revenues are analyzed on a continual basis, and research is conducted on other finance matters such as bonding, investments, tax policy, and the total federal-state-local fiscal system.

Periodic reports are prepared on the state’s current fiscal condition, and long-range budget projections are developed for future years.  Other publications by the office include: Connecticut Tax Expenditure Report, Connecticut Budget and Economic Data, and the annual Fiscal Note Compilation. The office also analyzes fiscal notes on proposed regulations submitted by executive agencies to the legislative Regulation Review Committee for approval.


Susan Shimelman, Director

 Capital Investment
Rob Wysock, Section Chief

Analyst Major Responsibilities
Linda Miller, Principal Economic Analyst Treasurer, Debt Service, Bonding, Public Works
Felix Planas, Principal Economic Analyst DOIT, DMV, Transportation, Income Tax, Misc. Revenue
William Lederman, Budget Analyst I Revenue Services, Special Revenue (Gambling), Misc. Taxes

Statewide Issues and Agencies
Geary Maher, Section Chief

Analyst Major Responsibilities
Donald Chaffee, Associate Budget Analyst Secretary of the State, Elections, DOL, Workforce Competitiveness
Laurie Gallacher, Associate Budget Analyst State Employee Collective Bargaining
Christina Gellman, Principal Budget Analyst State Employee Fringe Benefits and Retirement
Elyse Gittleman, Principal Budget Analyst Environment, Economic Development, Agriculture
Rochelle Hyman, Principal Budget Analyst Budget System Coordinator
Kerry Kelley, Principal Budget Analyst OPM. Payments In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Grants, Legislative Agencies
Chris Perillo, Budget Analyst II  DAS, Workers’ Compensation, Statewide Personnel Issues
Alan Shepard, Principal Budget Analyst UCONN, Elementary and Higher Education, Town Grants

 Health and Human Services
Spencer Cain, Section Chief

Analyst Major Responsibilities
Christine Ashburn, Principal Budget Analyst  DMR, Veterans, BESB
Neil Ayers, Principal Budget Analyst DMHAS, DSS, UCONN Health Center
Joan Soulsby, Principal Budget Analyst  Public Health, DCF, Federal Funds Coordinator

Justice and Regulation Agencies
Alan Calandro, Section Chief

Analyst Major Responsibilities
Jamilia Grier, Budget Analyst I  Consumer Protection, Banking, Insurance, Public Utilities, Human Rights and Opportunities
Marvin Lyon, Jr., Principal Budget Analyst
Michael Murphy, Associate Budget Analyst  Judicial, Attorney General, Criminal Justice, Public Defenders
Sarah Packard, Budget Analyst I Public Safety and Security, Corrections, Higher Education, Military

Administrative Staff

Laurie L. Wysock, Secretary to the Director
Czeslava Ferrino, Senior Legislative Secretary
Theresa Kelly, Senior Legislative Secretary
Lisa Kiro, Staff Assistant/Fiscal Note Coordinator


Fax: 860-240-0327
Room 506, Capitol

The Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee serves as the General Assembly's "watchdog" over the executive branch of government.  The committee is a bipartisan committee of twelve members.  Pursuant to statute the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, and Senate and House Minority Leaders each appoint three members to the committee.

By law, the committee is charged with the duty of examining " . . . State government programs and their administration to ascertain whether such programs are effective, continue to serve their intended purposes, are conducted in an efficient and effective manner, or require modification or elimination."

The committee is also required to report to the General Assembly and to make administrative and legislative recommendations pertaining to any " . . . inadequate operating or administrative system controls or procedures, inaccuracies, waste, extravagance, unauthorized or unintended activities or programs or other deficiencies . . . " existing in any agency or program reviewed by the committee.

The committee may conduct investigations on "any matter" when requested by a joint resolution of the General Assembly or, when the legislature is not in session, by a joint standing committee, or at its own initiative, subject to the approval of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management.

The Executive Reorganization Act of 1977 expanded the committee's mandate to include performance reviews of nearly 100 boards, councils, committees and commissions scheduled for termination under the sunset provisions of the Act.  The first five-year sunset cycle was completed in 1984 and has been postponed since then.

Committee Staff

Carrie E. Vibert, Director

Catherine McNeill Conlin, Chief Analyst
Brian R. Beisel, Principal Analyst
Michelle Castillo, Principal Analyst
Maryellen Duffy, Principal Analyst
Jill E. Jensen, Principal Analyst
Miriam P. Kluger, Principal Analyst
Anne E. McAloon, Principal Analyst
Renee LaMark Muir, Principal Analyst
Scott M. Simoneau, Principal Analyst
Carrie A. O’Regan, Legislative Analyst

Executive Secretary

Bonnine T. Labbadia



c/o Legislative Commissioners’ Office
Room 5500, LOB
Fax 860-240-8414

The Connecticut Law Revision Commission conducts an ongoing review of Connecticut Law and recommends appropriate revisions to antiquated, unconstitutional, and inequitable laws.  The Commission assists the Judiciary Committee and other legislative and executive bodies on specific revision proposals and solicits the expertise of numerous state legal authorities in arriving at its consensus on recommendations.

The Governor, Leadership of the General Assembly, and Judiciary Committee Co-Chairmen and Ranking Members each appoint members to the Commission, which presently consists of two senators, four representatives, one judge, one law school professor, and seven attorneys.

The Law Revision Commission is supported by the staff of the Legislative Commissioners’ Office.

Commission Membership

Representative Arthur J. O'Neill, Chairman
James W. Abrams
Judge Julia L. Aurigemma
William R. Breetz
Representative Robert Farr
Jon P. FitzGerald
Representative Michael P. Lawlor
Brendan P. Leydon
Senator Andrew J. McDonald
Mary Anne O'Neill
Senator Andrew W. Roraback
Joel I. Rudikoff
Edmund F. Schmidt
Joseph J. Selinger, Jr.
Professor Colin C. Tait



The majority and minority leadership of each chamber is provided with funding for the employment of partisan professional staffs.  These staffs, often referred to as caucus staffs, are responsible for serving the legislators of their respective parties in their respective chambers.  Among the services normally provided to legislators by their caucus staffs are research, press releases, speech writing, secretarial services and constituent casework


President Pro Tempore

Edwin J. Maley, Jr. Chief of Staff and General Counsel
CeeCee Woods Deputy Chief of Staff and Research Director
Kevin Graff Assistant Chief of Staff and Policy Director
Jim Perras Senior Executive Advisor
Mae Flexer Legislative Aide
Teri Gavigan Administrative Assistant

Majority Leader

Dina Berlyn Executive Assistant
Elizabeth Keyes Legislative Aide



Speaker of the House

Robert F. Frankel Chief of Staff
Elaine Dall Personnel and Outreach Director
David Rose S enior Legal Counsel
Maureen Magnan Policy Director
Tracy LaFontaine Executive Assistant to the Speaker

Majority Leader

Mildred Torres-Ferguson Executive Assistant
Laura Jordan Chief Counsel
Josh Nassi Deputy Counsel



Minority Leader

George E. Krivda Chief of Staff
Abigail Lawson Staff Director


Minority Leader

Andrew Norton Chief of Staff
Marian Hawkins Executive Assistant to the Minority Leader
Pat O'Neil Press Secretary  to the Minority Leader


Room 400, Capitol

The Governor's Legislative Office provides the communications channel between the Governor, legislative leadership, legislative committees, and individual legislators.  The service includes providing information relating to the administration's position on legislation and other issues, arranging meetings with members of the executive branch, and assisting legislators with any other issues or concerns they may have with regards to the Executive Branch.

Legislative Liaisons

Brenda L. Sisco, Legislative Director
Janine M. Braun, Deputy Legislative Director
Scott DeVico, Legislative Liaison
Nicole Griffin, Legislative Liaison


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