Connecticut General Assembly

2005 Legislative Guide




President Pro Tempore, Donald E. Williams, Jr
Majority Leader, Martin M. Looney
Chief Deputy President Pro Tempore 
and Majority Caucus Chairman,
Biagio “Billy” Ciotto
Deputy President Pro Tempore, Eileen M. Daily
Deputy President Pro Tempore, Toni N. Harp
Deputy President Pro Tempore, Joan V. Hartley
Deputy President Pro Tempore, Ernest E. Newton, II
Chief Deputy Majority Leader, Thomas P. Gaffey
Deputy Majority Leader, Thomas A. Colapietro
Deputy Majority Leader, John W. Fonfara
Deputy Majority Leader Mary Ann Handley
Deputy Majority Leader Andrew J. McDonald
Chief Assistant President Pro Tempore
Federal Relations Liaison,
 Joseph J. Crisco, Jr
Assistant President Pro Tempore, Gary LeBeau
Assistant President Pro Tempore, Edith G. Prague
Chief Assistant Majority Leader, Eric D. Coleman
Assistant Majority Leader, Donald J. DeFronzo
Assistant Majority Leader, Christopher Murphy
Majority Whip, Bill Finch
Deputy Majority Whip, Bob Duff
Deputy Majority Whip, Andrea L. Stillman
Assistant Majority Whip, Jonathan A. Harris
Assistant Majority Whip, Edward Meyer
Assistant Majority Whip, Gayle Slossberg
Republican Leader Louis C. DeLuca
Minority Leader Pro Tempore John McKinney
Chief Deputy Minority Leader, Catherine W. Cook
Chief Deputy Minority Leader, William H. Nickerson
Deputy Minority Leader-At-Large, George L. Gunther
Deputy Minority Leader, David J. Cappiello
Deputy Minority Leader, Judith G. Freedman
Deputy Minority Leader, Thomas J. Herlihy
Deputy Minority Leader, John A. Kissel
Assistant Minority Leader, Leonard A. Fasano
Assistant Minority Leader, Tony Guglielmo
Assistant Minority Leader, Andrew W. Roraback



Speaker of the House, James A. Amann
Majority Leader, Christopher G. Donovan
Deputy Speaker of the House, Emil “Buddy” Altobello
Deputy Speaker of the House, Mary G. Fritz
Deputy Speaker of the House Robert D. Godfrey
Deputy Speaker of the House Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey
Deputy Majority Leader, Michael A. Christ
Deputy Majority Leader, Demetrios Giannaros
Deputy Majority Leader, Evelyn Mantilla
Deputy Majority Leader, Walter Pawelkiewicz
Deputy Majority Leader, Toni Walker
Majority Caucus Chair,  John Geragosian
Majority Whip-At-Large, Robert T. Keeley, Jr.
Deputy Majority Whip, Louis P. Esposito
Assistant Majority Whip, Minnie Gonzalez
Assistant Majority Whip, Jack Malone
Assistant Majority Whip, Linda Orange
Assistant Majority Leader, Terry Backer
Assistant Majority Leader, Reginald G. Beamon
Assistant Majority Leader, Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus
Assistant Majority Leader, Patricia Dillon
Assistant Majority Leader, William Dyson
Assistant Majority Leader, Gail K. Hamm
Assistant Majority Leader, David McCluskey
Assistant Majority Leader, Robert Megna
Assistant Majority Leader, Steven Mikute
Assistant Majority Leader, Mary Mushinsky
Assistant Majority Leader,  Vickie Orsini Nardello
Assistant Majority Leader, James O’Rourke
Assistant Majority Leader, Joseph C. Serra
Assistant Majority Leader, Kathy Tallarita
Assistant Majority Leader,  John W. Thompson
Assistant Majority Leader, Christel H. Truglia
Assistant Majority Leader, Patricia Widlitz
Minority Leader, Robert M. Ward
Deputy Minority Leader, Lawrence F. Cafero, Jr
Deputy Minority Leader,  Claudia “Dolly” Powers 
Deputy Minority Leader AT-Large, Richard O. Belden
Minority Whip, Ruth C. Fahrbach
Minority Whip, Rob Heagney
Minority Whip, John E. Piscopo
Minority Whip, Pamela Z. Sawyer
Assistant Minority Leader, Antonietta “Toni” Boucher
Assistant Minority Leader, Michael A. Caron
Assistant Minority Leader, Mary Ann Carson
Assistant Minority Leader,  Richard F. Ferrari 
Assistant Minority Leader, John H. Frey
Assistant Minority Leader, Sonny Googins
Assistant Minority Leader, William A. Hamzy
Assistant Minority Leader, John A. Harkins
Assistant Minority Leader  Themis Klarides
Assistant Minority Leader, John J. Ryan
Assistant Minority Leader, John E. Stripp
Assistant Minority Leader, Lenny T. Winkler


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