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Children's Report Card Working Group

As mandated by P.A. 11-109, a working group representing the many agencies, public and private organizations, and individuals concerned with the well-being of state's children and youth was formed in September 2011 to help the Committee on Children develop an RBA children's report card for Connecticut. An initial electronic version called "CT Kids Report Card,"was launched in September 2012; the working group continues to advise and assist the Committee on Children regarding report card additions, revisions, and other project tasks on an ad hoc basis.


Working Group


  Working Group Membership

  Mailing Address:
      Children's RBA Report Card Working Group
      Committee on Children
      Room 011, Capitol Building
      Hartford, CT 06106
      Phone: 860-240-0370

Meeting Agendas
Meeting Minutes
Public Act 11-109
Children's RBA Report Card Tasks Required by P.A. 11-109

January 2013 RBA Report Card

CTKids Annual Update Presentation (1/15/13)

September 11, 2012 Commission on Children Meeting
"Building a Children's Report Card"










video presentation

March 2, 2012 Meeting

January 19, 2012 Meeting

January 5, 2012 Meeting

December 15, 2011 Meeting

December 1, 2011 Meeting


November 15, 2011 Meeting

November 2, 2011 Meeting

October 13, 2011 Meeting

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