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Task Force to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children

sHB 6685, SA 13-24: Established a task force to study legal disputes involving the care and custody of minor children.The task force shall study: (1) the role of a guardian ad litem and the attorney for a minor child in any action involving parenting responsibilities and the custody and care of a child, (2) the extent of noncompliance with the provisions of subdivision (6) of subsection (c) of section 46b-56 and the role of the court in enforcing compliance, and (3) whether the state should adopt a presumption that shared custody is in the best interest of a minor child in any action involving the custody, care and upbringing of a child. The study shall include, an examination of statutes applicable to an action involving the custody, care and upbringing of a child, and the costs associated with contested divorce actions, including, expert witness fees, attorneys' fees including the fees of guardians ad litem and attorneys for the minor children. The study may include recommendations for legislation on matters studied by the task force.

 Final Report & Recommendations TF to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children

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Membership List

Sue Cousineau, Esq.
Sharon Wicks Dornfeld, Esq.

c/o Judiciary Committee, Room 2500
Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106


Draft LDCC Recommendations

Meeting Schedule

Agmt. Legal Representation of Indigent Adults & Children-Submitted by Christine Rapillo

Assigned Counsel Application-Submitted by Christine Rapillo

Assigned Counsel Renewal Req. FY13-14-Submitted by Christine Rapillo

Public Defender Svcs. Cmsn. Agmt. for Handling-Submitted by Christine Rapillo

Stephen M. Humphrey, Ph.D. CV & References

AAML 2009

ABA Standards 2003

Uniform Laws 2007

Order Appointing Attorney for the Minor Child(ren)

Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem for Minor Child(ren)

Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem for Minor Child

Judicial Branch Response to Information Request from Chairs of TF

CGS 46b54

CGS 46b56

CGS 46b56a

CGS 46b62

CGS 46b132

In Re Tayquon H.

Lamacchia V. Chilinski

Carrubba V. Moskowitz

Keith Roeder

Meeting Agendas
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Topics

Draft 12/12/2013
Draft 12/10/2013
Draft 11/26/2013
Draft 11/07/2013
Draft 10/31/2013
Draft 10/24/2013
Draft 10/02/2013
Public Hearing  Info

01/09/2014 Public Hearing




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