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January 19, 2010 Judiciary Oversight Hearing on 2008 Criminal Justice Reforms

CT-N Meeting Broadcast (5:02)
January 19, 2010 Memo: Judicial Department Budget Issues pdf
Connecticut Prison Population Statistics
2008-09 Criminal Justice Legislation pdf
Crime Bill Funding Update pdf

Testimony: pdf
Board of Pardons and Paroles- Robert Farr
Chief Court Administrator-Judge Barbara Quinn PowerPoint Testimony
Chief Court Administrator-Judge Barbara Quinn Testimony
Chief Public Defender-Susan O. Storey Testimony
CJIS Governing Board-Sean Thakkar Exhibit I
CJIS Governing Board-Sean Thakkar Exhibit II
CJIS Governing Board-Sean Thakkar Testimony
Division of Criminal Justice Testimony 1-19-10
DMHAS-Patricia Rehmer Testimony 1-19-10
DOC-Brain K. Murphy Testimony 1-19-10
Judicial Branch Court Support Svcs. Div. William H. Carbone Testimony
Judicial Branch Implementation of 08-01 William Carbone
OFA Budgetary Status Update of 2008 Criminal Justice Bills
OFA Letter to Jud Chairs Re Jud Dept Budget Issues-Topics
Office of Policy and Management-Robert L. Genuario PowerPoint
OLR Report CT Prison Population Statistics
OLR Research Report 2008-09 Criminal.Justice Leg.
Victim Advocate-Michelle Cruz Testimony


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