Legislative Internship Program Connecticut General Assembly

Former Interns

Shayne Koplowitz, 2011 Legislative Session
Central Connecticut State University, Class of 2011

The Connecticut General Assembly Internship really helped me appreciate the complexity of policy creation within the State of Connecticut. It helped me to learn a lot about the type of worker I am, and focus my attentions on the type of career I wish to pursue.

Julia Tao, 2011 Legislative Session
University of Connecticut, Class of 2012

I really enjoyed my internship at the Connecticut General Assembly. I worked with Representative Patricia Billie Miller and responded directly to her constituents. I enjoyed knowing that someone was benefiting from my work. I was also able to make new friends with similar interests whom I would never have met otherwise without this program.

Alex Tettey Jr., 2011 Legislative Session
Manchester Community College, Class of 2013

The Connecticut General Assembly's Legislative Internship Program was an invaluable experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the legislative process here in Connecticut from the inside. Working alongside a State Senator greatly increased my knowledge of our political process as a whole, and the skills I acquired here will benefit me throughout my college and professional career. The Internship Program Director, Mr. Steve Marcelynas, was extremely helpful, clear, and always available to provide assistance and guidance. I am very fortunate to have been a part of this program.

Sam Tracy, 2011 Legislative Session
University of Connecticut, Class of 2013

Interning at the state capitol taught me what really goes on behind the scenes, and the huge amount of work it takes to make things happen. This experience allowed me to meet important decision-makers and understand the legislative process inside and out, which are both incredibly important when trying to make change at the state level.