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Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes

Selected Office of Legislative Research (OLR) Reports pdf

Connecticut Contracting Standards Board

Connecticut's Medicaid Waivers

Contested Cases - Hearing Officers and Numbers

HB 6369 (2009), AAC Economic Development and Job Creation

Hazardous Duty Workers' Compensation for State Employees

Legislative Mailings

Medicaid Coverage of Childless Adults

Motor Vehicle Registration and Driver Licensing Agencies in Other States

Printing Costs of Publications Produced for the General Assembly

Public Employee Retirement Benefit Comparison

Reducing Electric Rates for Low-Income Customers

Small Agency Resource Team

State Employees and Hazardous Duty Retirement Status

State Procurement of Energy and Billing Practices

Teacher, Alternate, and State Employee Retirement Plans

Unified Pension Systems for State and Municipal Employees in Colorado, Florida, and New York



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