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Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes

Meeting Materials pdf

November 22, 2010
Corrections and Community Based Services
DCF-Related CEAO Proposal
DMV Functions Overhaul
DRS Audits, Collections and Enforcement
DSR Charitable Gaming Streamlining
Economic Competitiveness in Connecticut
Energy Efficiency in State Buildings
Federal Assistance for Veterans Proposal
Inmate Medical Services Proposal
Latest Revised Control Long-Term Health Care Costs Proposal
List of Potential Savings from CEAO Proposals (Draft)
Prescription Drug Purchasing Program Report
Retirement Summary
Selected State Expense Areas
State Agency Regulations Online
Statistics for Human Services Agencies
TANF Emergency Fund Update

September 15, 2010
CREC Administrative Costs
Expansion of Drug Recycling Program
Letter - SmART Expansion Analysis
Increasing Medicaid Generic Drug Use and Cost Reduction
Selected State Personnel Statistics

August 11, 2010
Commission on Aging Presentation and Handouts
Connecticut Regional Institute for the 21st Century Presentation

July 28, 2010
CEAO Working Draft Bill
Cedar Ridge Closure Follow Up
Direct Deposit Costing Out
Reduction in Printing
SmART Unit Analysis Update 7-28 (rev. 8-9)
State Employee Time and Attendance Records

June 21, 2010
CEAO Update
Cedar Ridge Closure
Direct Deposit Follow Up
PRI E-Government Scope
PRI RBA Transportation Processes Scope
State Post-Employee Benefits Commission Material
Status Report on 55 CEAO Proposals

April 7, 2010
CT Permits and Licenses with Summary
Direct Deposit - Prop. #12
Drug Recycling Program - Prop. #41
Medicaid Waivers - Prop. #33
State Employee Compensation Compared to Private Sector

March 18, 2010
Longevity Payments to State Employees - Prop. #54
Lean - Prop. #8
Economic Development Consolidation Bills Table
DAS SmART Unit - Prop. #2
CVH Water Services - Prop. #50
Attrition Rate for State Employees


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