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May 26, 2011

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Bruce Lockwood and Jessy Burton  

Experts discuss emergency preparedness and family safety in Connecticut

How safe are Connectict families from disasters like the one in Japan? With the help of our partner, the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, we posed that question to experts at a forum held in Hartford on May 10.

Video, documents, and more | More on disasters and terrorism

Rep. Diana Urban  

Speaker's Task Force on Children in the Recession learns about '99ers'

Last year, the work of the task force led to legislation for protecting Connecticut's most vulnerable families. On May 2, the panel reconvened to get status reports on the legislation and to gather information on the latest crisis for families devastated by the recession: the looming expiration of their unemployment benefits.
Video, documents, and more
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Writing in support of safer schools

One in four Connecticut high school students—and 35 percent of the state's 9th graders—were bullied or harassed on school property in the past year. The Commission's Elaine Zimmerman and Thomas Brooks argue in an op-ed article for the Connecticut Mirror that passage of Senate Bill 1138 would address the problem by requiring a rapid response to bullying incidents and encouraging the creation of school climates that prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.
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| More on SB 1138 | More on bullying

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Facebook poll: How aware is the public of the achievement gap?

People in government and education circles have been talking a long time about the need to close Connecticut's worst-in-the-nation achievement gap. But how much do you think the average Connecticut resident knows about it?

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