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Legislative update: June 2009

How did children fare in the recently completed General Assembly session? Watch this video for an overview by Commission on Children Legislative Director Elizabeth C. Brown. See below for links to the legislation she mentions.

Recorded June 17, 2009. Running time: 8:17.

Public Act 09-154: An Act Improving Bicycle and Pedestrian Access

Public Act 09-20: An Act Requiring the Administration of a Screening Test for Cystic Fibrosis to Newborn Infants

HB 6486: An Act Concerning Responsible Fatherhood and Strong Families

Public Act 09-103: An Act Concerning Banning Bisphenol-A in Children's Products and Food Products

Public Act 09-81: An Act Concerning Green Cleaning Products in Schools

Public Act 09-157: An Act Concerning Access to Health and Nutritional Information in Restaurants

Public Act 09-56: An Act Concerning Pesticide Applications at Child Day Care Centers and Schools

HB 5421, An Act Concerning Proceedings and Operations of the Department of Children and Families

See the Commission's public hearing testimony on these and other bills.


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