CT Commission on Aging

Policy & Legislation


The CT Commission on Aging provides objective information, research and analysis to policymakers and the public regarding issues that affect present and future generations of older adults. In accordance with our statute, we utilize a Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework to analyze the following: whether all older adults in Connecticut are healthy, safe, free from discrimination, educationally fulfilled and economically self-sufficient. We monitor current data and trends and make recommendations for improving the status of older adults on those indicators. In addition to our annual RBA report and performance report card, we deliver information to policymakers through personal interaction, informational briefings and legislative testimony on a variety of bills which either support (or hinder) priority areas.

In an effort to strengthen its overall efforts, the Commission on Aging also manages and chairs major collaborations such as the Long-Term Care Advisory Council and the CT Elder Action Network (CEAN), which generally establish their own legislative priorities. CEAN holds an annual End of Session Wrap up and publishes a report.

The CT General Assembly website serves as a valuable resource on current session activities, when legislative hearings are scheduled, and even assistance with bill tracking.