CT Commission on Aging

Major Initiatives

Long-Term Care Needs Assessment

Long-Term Care Needs Assessment

Results Presented After Year-Long Study and Survey of 15,500 Residents;

 First of Its Kind in Nearly 20 Years

In 2006 the legislature authorized funding through the Commission on Aging budget to conduct a comprehensive long-term care needs assessment to ensure that data are available for the state’s long-term care planning, legislative and other policy-making activities.  The Commission contracted with the team of researchers from the UConn Health Center’s Center on Aging who oversaw the design and implementation of the project.  In addition to carrying out a comprehensive literature review on both Connecticut-specific and national data, Center on Aging staff conducted a statewide mail, telephone and in-person surveys of both Connecticut residents and providers of long-term care services.  A full review of Connecticut’s existing array of services and long-term care system rebalancing efforts was also conducted with the active involvement of the national experts on Rebalancing, Drs. Robert and Rosalie Kane.  The project doesn’t end here. Periodically, through June 2008 the Center on Aging will release a series of briefs based on issue-specific analysis of the data.   

Long-Term Care Needs Assessment Reports