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Connecticut for Livable Communities website, which highlights ideas and innovations for creating Connecticut communities that are great places to grow up and grow older. The site shows where and how to begin to make changes, serves as a resource for policymakers and change agents, and connects related initiatives and partners to maximize energy, resources and talent.

Our livable communities initiative was developed through these key factors:

  • Already the 7th oldest state in the nation, Connecticut’s population of those individuals age 65 and older will grow dramatically in the coming years, largely due to aging of the baby boomer cohort (those born between 1946 and 1964).  In Connecticut, they represent almost a third of our population.

  • This demographic shift represents a permanent transformation not only for Connecticut but for the nation and around the globe.

  • Through our collaborative and historic work in changing how and where people receive long-term services and supports, we know that people want to stay in their communities and to have choice, independence and dignity.

  • In recognition of the profound role of the community in these efforts, in 2013 the Connecticut General Assembly passed An Act Concerning Livable Communitiesand charged Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging to facilitate this initiative.

View our “Connecticut for Livable Communities” report to the Connecticut General Assembly
(July 1, 2014) 

Download the PDF of the report