CT Commission on Aging

About Connecticut's Legislative Commission on Aging


Connecticut's Legislative Commission on Aging is a non-partisan state agency of the Connecticut General Assembly.

We are devoted to preparing our state for the burgeoning aging populations while promoting policies that enhance the lives of the present and future generations of older adults.

The Legislative Commission is comprised of a resourceful team of 21 voting (unpaid) members, 4 part-time professional staff, and volunteers.

Since its creation by the CT General Assembly in 1993, Connecticut's Legislative Commission on Aging has served as an effective leader in statewide efforts to promote choice, independence and dignity for Connecticut's older adults.

We fill a unique role within state government by building bridges, opening dialogue and seeking solutions between influential groups including the legislative and executive branches of state government, local government, the business community, and state and local organizations that serve critical needs of older citizens and statewide public/private sector coalitions such as the Connecticut Elder Action Network, Connecticut Long-Term Care Advisory Council and the Money Follows the Person Steering Committee.

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