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State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106

Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol | Hartford, Connecticut | 06106
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Raised S.B. No. 432
Session Year 2013


To move towards implementing the Interstate National Compact regarding a national popular vote for the election of the President, rather than the electoral college system.

Introduced by:
Government Administration and Elections Committee

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Bill History

 Date Action Taken
 6/4/2013Senate Recommitted to Government Administration and Elections
 6/3/2013Moved to Foot of the Calendar, Senate
 4/4/2013(LCO)File Number 334
 4/4/2013Senate Calendar Number 252
 4/4/2013Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, Senate
 4/4/2013(LCO)Reported Out of Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/28/2013(LCO)Referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis 04/03/13 5:00 PM
 3/18/2013(LCO)Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office
 3/15/2013(GAE)Joint Favorable
 2/20/2013Public Hearing 02/25
 1/23/2013Referred to Joint Committee on Government Administration and Elections

Co-sponsors of SB-432

Sen. Gary D. LeBeau, 3rd Dist.
Sen. Andrew M. Maynard, 18th Dist.
Sen. Steve Cassano, 4th Dist.
Rep. James Albis, 99th Dist.
Rep. Andrew M. Fleischmann, 18th Dist.
Sen. Edward Meyer, 12th Dist.
Rep. Gregory Haddad, 54th Dist.
Rep. Roberta B. Willis, 64th Dist.
Rep. Peter A. Tercyak, 26th Dist.
Rep. Brandon L. McGee, 5th Dist.
Rep. Elizabeth B. Ritter, 38th Dist.
Rep. Joe Diminico, 13th Dist.
Rep. Brian H. Sear, 47th Dist.
Rep. Matthew Lesser, 100th Dist.
Rep. Kevin Ryan, 139th Dist.
Rep. Bob Godfrey, 110th Dist.
Rep. Geoff Luxenberg, 12th Dist.
Sen. Andres Ayala, 23rd Dist.
Rep. John "Jack" F. Hennessy, 127th Dist.
Rep. Edwin Vargas, 6th Dist.
Rep. Toni E. Walker, 93rd Dist.
Sen. Eric D. Coleman, 2nd Dist.
Rep. Larry B. Butler, 72nd Dist.
Rep. Chris Perone, 137th Dist.
Rep. Kim Rose, 118th Dist.
Rep. Bruce V. Morris, 140th Dist.
Rep. Juan R. Candelaria, 95th Dist.
Rep. Charlie L. Stallworth, 126th Dist.
Rep. Frank N. Nicastro, 79th Dist.
Rep. Roland J. Lemar, 96th Dist.
Rep. Ed Jutila, 37th Dist.
Rep. David Zoni, 81st Dist.
Rep. Angel Arce, 4th Dist.
Rep. Charles D. Clemons, 124th Dist.
Rep. John K. Hampton, 16th Dist.
Rep. Gary A. Holder-Winfield, 94th Dist.
Rep. Ezequiel Santiago, 130th Dist.
Rep. David W. Kiner, 59th Dist.

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