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November 25, 2014


What is Ebola?

Ebola is a severe, often fatal, illness that spreads by human to human transmission. It first appeared in 1976 in a community in the Democratic Republic of Congo near the Ebola River from which the disease gets its name. The virus is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or bodily fluids of an infected person or from contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by these fluids. To control the spread of the Ebola virus, people in at-risk communities must be educated about the disease and how it can be prevented. 

World Renew is a non-profit that stretches in this country and around the world in an effort to deal with human suffering are now focusing on the Ebola crisis & have issued an informational fact sheet on Ebola. Please read the FACT SHEET.

The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health has created a website with detailed information about Ebola.

The site includes facts and information to help understand Ebola and an overview of the actions that the state is taking to prevent Ebola in Connecticut. Visit the site at or get additional information and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.


Commissioner Mullen has Invoked DPH's Quarantine and Isolation Authority in New Haven

Pledges to Provide Resources or Personnel Necessary to Deal with a Potential Exposure or Infection

 The Governor's Message

DPH: Ebola Information from the State of Connecticut  

  Respiratory virus that hits kids might be in CT


A serious respiratory illness that has sickened children in a number of states may have come to Connecticut.  A spokesman for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford confirmed Friday the hospital was "treating children with respiratory illnesses ... who have exhibited symptoms of enterovirus D68." Continue below..


A new resource is, a mental wellness website created by young people in Connecticut who are in recovery from mental health and substance abuse issues. It's mission is to empower teens and young adults in their pursuit of mental and emotional wellness. TurningPointCT features video testimonials, stories, facts about mental health issues, and a moderated forum that offers a safe place for young people to share their feelings and experiences.

Mental health issues affect one out of five 18 to 25 year olds, fortunately there are resources available to help. In Connecticut, the 1 Word 1 Voice 1 Life suicide prevention campaign has information and advice for reaching out to people at risk and starting a conversation that could save a life. 

Using Data to Advance Health Equity for Men of Color

A new data brief by the Office of Minority Health, examining the characteristics of uninsured adult males by race and ethnicity, is a useful tool to inform federal, state and community efforts aimed at improving insurance coverage of targeted populations. This type of data will enhance our ability to better measure and track health differences of racial and ethnic minority populations in the future.

Using data from the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS), an annual ongoing survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, the data brief highlights several factors that impact health and access to health care for minority men.  Examples of key findings include:



The latest issue of Community Health Funding Report is packed with page after page of newly-researched private and federal grant opportunities and exclusive insider advice on a wide range of grants for health programs serving the underinsured, minorities, seniors, children and others throughout the nation.  COMMUNITY HEALTH REPORT

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