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State-Wide Primary Care Access Authority
The State-Wide Primary Care Access Authority must:

(1) determine what constitutes primary care services;
(2) inventory the state's existing primary care infrastructure,
(3) by December 31, 2008, develop a universal system, which maximizes federal financial participation in Medicaid and Medicare, to provide primary care services, including prescription drugs, to state residents; and
(4) by July 1, 2010, develop a plan for implementing the system.

The inventory of the primary care infrastructure must include:

(1) the number of state primary care providers,
(2) the amount of money spent on public and private primary care services during the last fiscal year, and
(3) the number of public and private buildings or offices used primarily for primary care services, including hospitals, mental health facilities, dental offices, school-based health clinics, community-based health centers and academic health centers.

A "primary care provider" is any physician, dentist, nurse, provider of services for the mentally ill or persons with mental retardation, or any one else providing primary medical, nursing, counseling, or other health care, substance abuse or mental health service, including such services associated with, or under contract to, a health maintenance organization or medical services plan.

The Authority must:

(1) estimate the cost of fully implementing the universal primary care services system it develops,
(2) identify any additional infrastructure or personnel needed to implement it,
(3) determine the role of the state, private health insurance, and third parties in the system; and
(4) identify funding sources.

The Authority's plan for implementing the system must include:

(1) an implementation timetable,
(2) benchmarks to assess the state's progress in implementing the system, and
(3) ways to measure the system's effectiveness.

See Sec. 31 of PA 07-185 pdf

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Contact Information:
      State-wide Primary Care Access Authority
      Room 3000, Legislative Office Building
      Hartford, CT 06106

      Phone: 860-240-5254
      Fax: 860-240-5306

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