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baby being vaccinatedbaby being vaccinatedbaby being vaccinated

Vaccination is the ultimate preventative health strategy for children. Besides preventing diseases such as meningitis, shingles, measles, chicken pox, tetanus, and whooping cough, it often brings families to medical offices or clinics for the first time, serving as a touchstone for lifelong good health.

Connecticut has consistently enjoyed one of the highest vaccination rates in the nation, thanks in no small part to its decision in the mid-1970s to make many vaccinations free. Since 1998, all Connecticut newborns have been eligible for enrollment in an immunization tracking plan called the Immunization Registry and Tracking System, or CIRTS.

For more on the proven success of immunization, particularly in Connecticut, see the Immunization section of "A Children's Stock Portfolio," prepared by the Commission on Children. Download the Portfolio as a PDF  

New York Times Editorial: "Debunking an Autism Theory" (9/9/08)

Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS)

CIRTS logoCIRTS is a free program designed to ensure that children receive timely immunizations. The Registry, maintained by the state Department of Public Health (DPH), lets doctors keep track of immunization histories in a computerized database, gives parents an easy way to provide their children's immunization histories to day care centers, schools, and camps, and assures parents that they'll always have access to this information -- even if they move away from Connecticut, or their child's doctor retires. All personal information, including vaccination status and dates of vaccination, is kept confidential.

Connecticut immunization schedule

Be sure to ask your health care provider exactly when your child should get immunizations. For immunization and vaccine questions only, call the state Department of Public Health (DPH) at 860.509.7929.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC, an arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the federal agency responsible for vaccines and immunization. Download the CDC publication Parents' Guide to Childhood Immunizations (40 pages, PDF) or visit the CDC website.

A Celebration of Connecticut's Immunization Champions

Every year since 1996, Connecticut has ranked in the top five states in the nation for on-time childhood immunizations. In 2006, it achieved a coverage rate of 82 percent, the third-highest rate in the nation. On April 23, 2008, officials of the federal Centers for Disease Control came to Hartford to honor the state for its work. In turn, state officials honored 16 "champions" --  doctors, nurses, office managers, and Immunization Action Plan (IAP) coordinators -- for working especially hard to ensure timely immunizations. Read more

Chicken pox vaccine

A July 2007 report from the Office of Legislative Research that summarizes the symptoms of chicken pox, the vaccines available, and state immunization requirements. Download PDF

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